Thursday, March 8, 2012

Talking Health and Wellness with Dr. "G"

Yesterday I spent most of the early afternoon on a project with an old friend, Dr. James Grilliot of Lancaster, Ohio. Dr. "G", as he likes being called, has a Natural Wellness Centre in Ohio and does lots of great work with people nationwide to improve their health and overall wellness. Part of his efforts include doing a weekly radio show discussing issues that all of us can relate to and use in our daily lives. I had the privilege in recording three radio programs, for future airing, with Dr. G. We covered many interesting topics including the "Facts on Fats", "How to Understand Food Fact Labels", and a personal story of how my wife and I are changing our lives through better nutrition.

Dr. G and I go way back, too many years to recall, and he has always put people and their health as number one in his practice and life. I guess that is what makes him a real special person to me and to many others. If you would like to learn more about what he is doing with Natural Wellness and find out the dates of when our radio shows will air, go to his web site at the following link.

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