Sunday, February 26, 2012

Scary Statistics

A very dear friend of mine from Ohio, Dr. James Grilliot, has a wellness center and has been helping thousands of people during his 30 plus years in practice. The following is part of pages and pages of health and wellness resources available on his web site. Please take a moment to visit his site and learn more about better health.

"We are very conservative when it comes to health
and very liberal when it comes to disease." - Gary Null
* 64% of the people in America are overweight -- the highest percentage of any country
in the world. *Of those, 30% are classified as obese.
*The rate of obesity has doubled for children and tripled for teenagers in the last 20
years. *In addition to a significantly higher risk for many health problems and chronic
diseases, overweight people
have a 45% higher risk of developing many cancers.
Specific Chronic Diseases
Chronic diseases are defined as illnesses that are prolonged, do not resolve
spontaneously, are rarely cured completely and are preventable.

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