Monday, July 11, 2011

3 Party Food Safety Audits on-board U.S. Maritime Vessels

Are third party food safety and sanitation audits (inspections) really necessary on-board U.S. Maritime commercial vessels? Having been on-board a number of vessels the past three years, I have found these audits (inspections) critical in the process of creating a food safety system to control food bourne risks. Who is the regulatory authority that governs the inspections of maritime vessels? On land we have the local Health Department that is the regulatory authority that does carry outs the inspection of food operations. But, most maritime vesssels rely on internal procedures to control food bourne risk factors.

Our firm has developed a system for food safety and sanitation inspections on-board maritime vessels in the U.S. We also developed Active Managerial Controls and Standard Operating Procedures to control food bourne risks. If you are a U.S. maritime company and want more information on our services, contact us at:

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