Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fish Tacos a hot growth trend for 2010

Fish Tacos a hot growth trend for 2010
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Not even the Gulf oil spill contamination has put a dent in one of the restaurant industry's hottest growth trends for 2010: fish tacos.At a time many consumers are looking to cut calories and costs, fish tacos are hitting the mainstream as they spread rapidly from the West Coast eastward. California Pizza Kitchen just put them on the menu. They're top sellers at The Cheesecake Factory and BJ's Restaurants. El Pollo Loco recently began to test fish tacos. Two Southern California chains, Rubio's Mexican Grill and Wahoo's Fish Taco, are eyeing East Coast locations. And Taco Bell plans to test fish tacos in its stores next year. "You'd think people would run away from fish today with the oil spill," says Warren Sackler, hospitality professor at Rochester Institute of Technology. After all, 54% of consumers recently surveyed by the University of Minnesota say the spill will have them rethinking their seafood consumption. But the spill hasn't affected sales of fish tacos, according to their largest national sellers.
Consumers are requesting fish tacos because they perceive them as healthier than meat — and restaurants want to sell them, Sackler says, because they're very profitable.

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