Friday, June 25, 2010

Those great little reusable fabric grocery totes may by safe for the environment, but, are they safe for you?! If you use one of these environmentally green fabric bags and don't wash them, you may be exposing your family to E.coli and other unwanted dangerous bacteria. Studies have shown that over ninety-five percent of people do not wash the bags, all of which are made of woven polypropylene, canvas, or cloth. If you use these bags, it is suggested you have one for meats, another for produce, and another for boxed and canned items. Put a tag on each one designating their use or use different colored bags for each of their different uses. Wash them regularly. Wash all fruit and produce before using. Don't leave the bags in the trunk of your car where the temperature is elevated and encourages the rapid growth of bacteria. Avoid using these bags for other uses such as book bags or gym cloths. Common sense is the best rule.

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