Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Instrument capable of many food safety tests.

A new platform from a food safety technology provider can allow many kinds of tests on one instrument.
Camarillo, Calif.-based Hygiena’s Ensure platform is a quality monitoring system that uses a single instrument to collect, analyze and report data from many quality indicators, according to a company release.
The Ensure platform is capable of a variety of tests, including water tests and coliform/E. coli tests.
The technology has generated significant interest in the produce industry, said Johnny Clark, president of Titusville, Fla.-based American C.H.E.F. Consulting and the only independent food safety consultant/marketing distributor for Hygiena in Florida.
“We have sold several to the produce industry both in Florida and other locations,” Clark said.
The Ensure platform runs on an instrument that features a protected USB connection, a large screen and a sealed, seven-button keypad. The unit also provides test results in 15 seconds.


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