Monday, February 14, 2011


Cinemas are enhancing the movie experience by offering more than soda and popcorn.

That's right. Now many cinemas are serving food and I don't mean just popcorn and snacks. Many cinema critics have been little more than very cold toward serving even snacks. The feeling is that it distracts from the movie. I on the other hand feel that the popcorn, mini mints, and soda add to the enjoyment. Why not? At home I love getting in my favorite chair with a snake and drink to enjoy a movie. And now it is more than a snack we are talking about. The mini-gourmet hamburger has hit the silver screen and just might be the next movie star. Seven of AMC’s 375 theatres have foodservice operations, with the possibility of expanding to 35 more in the next three years. I can't wait till it comes to a theater near me. A full night out with food, a movie, and sitting next to the one I love. Now if we could just pause the movie for an occasional rest room break. There would be all the comforts of home. Give your thoughts on this subject.

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