Wednesday, December 22, 2010

House Passes an Inportant Overhaul of Food Safety Laws

One of the most important pieces of legislature pertaining to the food industry has just passed the house of representatives. This is way overdue and it is my hopes that it is only the start to making the food supply in the US the safest in the world.

The House of Representatives gave final approval Tuesday to a long-awaited modernization of the nation’s food safety laws, voting 215-144 to grant the Food and Drug Administration greater authority over food production.

The bill, which President Barack Obama has indicated he will sign, is meant to change the mission of the FDA, focusing it on preventing food-borne illnesses rather than reacting after an outbreak occurs. The overhaul comes after several major outbreaks and food recalls in recent years involving salmonella in eggs and peanuts, and E. coli in spinach and other leafy greens.

Under the legislation, food manufacturers will be required to examine their processing systems to identify possible ways that food products can become contaminated and to develop detailed plans to keep that from happening. Companies must share those plans with the FDA and provide the agency with records, including product test results, showing how effectively they carry them out.

Voice your opinion on this historic bill and how it will affect you and your operation as a food service professional...or as a consumer.

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